Weltbank Rahmen-Ausschreibung im Bereich Urban Risk Flood Assessment

In diesem Zusammenhang dürfen wir auch auf den go-international Projektscheck hinweisen, der genau für die Bewerbung bei derartigen Projekten genutzt werden kann:


Wir möchten darauf hinweisen, dass das City Resilience Program der Weltbank (Link) einen Request for Expressions of Interest für ein Rahmenabkommen im Bereich Urban Flood Risk Assessments veröffentlicht hat:
As urban floods increase in frequency and intensity around the world, investing in flooding knowledge, resilience, and mitigation strategies is a growing priority for our city clients. Accordingly, for our city clients and Task Teams to develop sustainable and appropriate investment projects that reduce associated risks, the World Bank must engage specialized technical expertise to conduct rigorous urban flood risk assessments.
The Framework Agreement for Urban Flood Risk Assessments supports the procurement of consultant firms to carry out a range of urban flood assessment services and related analysis that the World Bank can use in client dialogue and development of projects. Following this request for EOIs, a group of firms will be invited to the RFP stage, after which a select number will be chosen to accede to the Framework Agreement, which will be in effect for three to five years. During this period, the CRP would be able to channel operational requests for flood assessments to the selected group of firms, which will generate a faster engagement of high quality technical support in this area of work and enable quicker and more efficient knowledge sharing across city engagements on these technical and operational topics.

Frist ist der 14. Dezember 2020. Nähere Details finden Sie im Anhang.