Scope of the Professional License

Consulting Engineers

§ 134

(1) Gewerbeordnung (trade, service and industrial code)

The professional licence (§ 94 Z 69) entitles the consulting engineers to consultancy services, to draw plans, to carry out calculations, studies, examinations, inspections or measurements, to develop projects, to monitor the execution of projects, to accept projects or to check whether the projects have been properly executed - which includes auditing project accounts - as well as the delivery of expert opinions within a pertinent area of speciality that corresponds to a subject of study or a postgraduate study of at least 2 years at an Austrian University, Fachhochschule (College for Engineering, Agriculture or Forestry), Art College or an appropriate Secondary College for Engineering or Agriculture or Forestry.

(2) The scope of the licence of consulting engineers for interior design shall embrace all the prerogatives of consulting engineers conferred in Subpara. 1. If the activities of a consulting engineer for interior design involve components of static significance, their structural processing and static determination shall be carried out by someone who is licenced to do such work.

(4) Independent professionals holding a licence under Subpara. 1 shall within the scope of their professional licence be entitled to represent clients vis-à-vis authorities and statutory bodies.

§ 33

(1) Gewerbeordnung (trade, service and industrial code)

Unless otherwise specified by law, plants, equipment and objects may only be inspected or monitored by firms which are licenced to manufacture the said plants, equipment or objects or, within their area of speciality, by a licenced consulting engineer(§ 94 Z. 69).

(2)... In the case of a licenced consulting engineer, the function of a safety engineer is not restricted to the technical speciality.